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Salads, Dressings

Apple, Dried Cherry, Walnut Spinach Salad with Maple Dressing
Arugula Blue Cheese Salad
Arugula with Vinaigrette
Bean Salad
Hearty Beef Salad
Beef Tarragon Salad
Black Bean and Corn Salad
Blackened Chicken Salad
Broccoli Salad
Broccoli Apple Salad
Broccoli Mushroom Salad
Bruschetta Orzo Salad
Caesar Salad - traditional
Caesar Salad - with cooked egg yolk
Easy Caesar Salad - with optional Chicken or Shrimp
Carrot Salad
Cauliflower Lettuce Salad
Cheeseburger Salad
Chopped Italian Salad
Chickpea Cucumber Radish Salad
Chicken Salad
Chicken Waldorf Salad
Chicken Salad - Applebee's Oriental
Chicken Orzo Salad
Crunchy Chinese Cabbage Salad
Chicken Souvlaki Salad
Creamed Cucumbers and Onions
Crab Salad
Cobb Salad
Egg Salad
Fennel, Mushroom and Parmesan Salad
Fennel Salad with Fruit and optional add-ins
Garbanzo Salad
Green Bean, Pecan and Feta Salad
Greek Orzo Salad
Greek Salad
Grilled Asparagus and Portabella Mushroom Salad
Iceberg Lettuce with Thousand Island Dressing (light)
Insalata Caprese (Tomato, Mozzarella, Basil plate)
Kidney Bean Salad
Layered Mexican Salad
Lentil Salad
Jo's Greens and Prosciutto Salad
Macaroni Salad (with tuna)
Marinated Vegetable Salad
Mushroom Salad - sauteed
Olive Garden Salad
Orange Salad
Pasta Salad
Pasta Salad - Woodie
Pasta Salad - Broccoli, Ham and Spinach
Pepper Cabbage
Potato Salad
Potato Salad - German
Potato Salad - herbed with squash
Quinoa Cucumber Salad
Radicchio, Goat Cheese and Raisin Salad
Radish Salad
Roasted Beet and Goat Cheese Salad
Roasted Beet and Pear Salad
Roasted Beet, Squash and White Bean Spinach Salad
Salad with Warm Goat Cheese
Salad Nicoise
Salad Olivier
Sensation Salad
Seven Layer Salad
Shrimp Avocado Salad
Shrimp Lime Pasta Salad
Shrimp Feta Pasta Salad
Spinach Salad - Cindy's favorite
Spinach Salad - traditional
Spinach Salad with Honey-Brown Butter Dressing
Spinach Lemon Salad
Spinach Salad with Blue Cheese and Bacon
Spinach Chicken Salad
Spinach Salad - Chinese Chicken
Spinach Pear Salad
Spinach Pinto Bean Salad
Taco Salad
Tomato Onion Salad
Tortellini Pepperoncini Salad
Tuna Salad
White Bean Tuna Salad
Tuna Red Pepper Antipasto
Turkey Salad


Basic Vinaigrette/Dressing
Vinaigrette Variations
Balsamic Vinaigrette
Balsamic Vinaigrette with Honey and Mustard
Balsalmic Dijon Vinaigrette
Balsamic Dressing - Creamy
Blue Cheese Dressing
Buttermilk Dressing
Caesar Salad Dressing - traditional
Caesar Salad - with cooked egg yolk
Caesar Salad Dressing - mayo based (our favorite)
Caesar Salad Dressing - lowfat
Fresh Onion Dressing
Greek Dressing
Honey Mustard Dressing
Hot Bacon Dressing
Italian Dressing
Italian Dressing - Creamy
Lemon Herb Vinaigrette
Peppercorn Parmesan Dressing
Ranch Dressing
Red Dressing with Garlic and Parmesan
Thousand Island Dressing

Collection of Healthy Salad Dressings